Drift Coffee: the things we value



We value people and community, and that of course includes you. A dedication to community is in our background and beliefs. When our friends Matt and Marie Raboin asked if we would be interested in launching our coffee brand as an affiliated part of their local business, Brix Cider, it didn't take us long to say yes. Their ethos and sense of community is clearly demonstrated by their commitment to high-quality local foods and food producers. Brix's tap room and restaurant has become a main gathering point in the community, hosting weekly events. It makes sense that the retail anchor for Drift coffee is born out of partnership and collaboration with like minded individuals. 


Coffee crosses borders and cultures as it migrates from South to North. It connects people, economies, and ecology. We recognize the need to be a responsible part of this supply chain as we make decisions about sources, practices, packaging, and fulfillment. 


The scale of our business, our connection with community, and our ability to source our products responsibly are all pursued with a concept of sustainability in mind. We try to make decisions with a long term perspective versus short term gains. One example of this is with the packaging that we choose. Our product packaging and labels are made of materials that are fully home-compostable. There are certainly less expensive alternatives, but we would have to use them at the cost of our values. 


Every cup of coffee should be fully enjoyed and experienced in the moment. That's why we believe so strongly in high-quality ingredients, prepared with intention, care, and attention to detail. This sense of quality extends beyond just the grade and flavor of the beans, but also to the places we source them from. We always opt for shade grown, bird friendly, organic, and fair trade products when we can get them. It contributes to the quality of life of the people and critters that inhabit the places that our coffees come from.