About Drift Coffee

After 10 years of home roasting, we decided to flip the switch to a modest commercial roasting business to spread love of high quality coffee beyond the circle of just our friends and family. We are a family-owned, small-batch roastery dedicated to quality, taste, and our community in Wisconsin's driftless region. Our professional backgrounds are in ecological conservation, nature education, wildlife travel, and bird watching. Keeping with our environmental beliefs, we aim to source beans from growers who share our ideals with shade-grown, sustainable farming and a nod to creating habitat for birds. 

You'll notice the chimney swift plays a prominent role on our logo. It's quite possibly our favorite resident bird here in Mt Horeb. During the summer months you can watch these aerialists hawking insects and dancing through the sky, eventually gathering together at dusk to roost communally in one of the old chimney stacks that dot the skyline in our tiny village's downtown.

For us, the chimney swift not only is a symbol of community and the small town where we live, but as a neo-tropical migrant, it also evokes the connection between north and south, spending its winters in the same regions where some of our coffees are sourced. It's a reminder of how our cultures, ecology, and economies are all connected, whether you're in Wisconsin or Colombia. 


Contact us anytime:  DriftRoasters@gmail.com